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You’ve probably already heard of the Louis Vuitton Portobello Bag, but because of its fame, we want to write a review about it. A perfect bag for the day out or the night out, you can just sling it over your shoulder or take it by hand. With its generous space, your everyday essentials can be stored and protected, it can carry even your sweater if you pick the GM size. The leather is extra supple and the Damier Ebene is so classic. Talking about Damier Ebene, the usual lining in the interior is red, but the Portobello Bag got a special treatment with chocolate brown lining, which is both beautiful and it doesn’t stain. From experience, this bag fits comfortably over your shoulder or on your arm, it comes with an interior zipped pocket, an interior double flat pocket and there’s engraved golden hooks securing the handle and brass plates for the stylish look. With its material as durable as diamonds, you can be sure that this investment will last forever. 
The original Petite Malle Shoulder Bag was made to mirror the classic trunks, which is lovely. It still got the iconic S-Lock, but the body has been totally modernized. It’s like a cosmetic box, but a more luxurious version.
While the original version comes with a strap, the latest version is beautified with removable chain straps. It can be changed into a clutch bag anytime, to help you go through the nights, with glam.
Finished with Epi Leather, it’s a true luxury item, make it a part of your collection. This is the first-look, meaning the prices and sizes has not been published yet. More information will follow soon.
It’s getting better and better, please meet the Louis Vuitton Doc Bag.
First question though, it’s always easy to stick with what’s already trending, but as iconic as the Speedy Bag is, would you rather try the new Doc Bag or would you just stick with the classics?
It comes with a single leather handle, which is great as you toss it on your shoulder without finding yourself repeatedly pulling on the second handle that somehow never wants to stick on your shoulder.
What’s more?
The Louis Vuitton signature is embossed on the trim and keybell. It’s also engraved on the lock, I know that too much is exaggerated but you will be please to know that its actually crafted with style and elegant.
Refined with golden hardware, the interior is finished with a zipped pocket and 1 open pocket. There are plenty of spaces to store all your daily essentials and so much more.
The Doc Bag actually comes in two variations; in epi leather and in Malletage style. If you like it ‘chic’ and minimal, the epi leather is your thing. It’s a beautiful bag for everyday use, even for work or during the weekends.

The Malletage style is a new print with vivid diamond patterns in two colors like black and beige stripes or beige with red stripes. The Doc Bag in Malletage is certainly an attractive accessory that can send you a lot of attention. The red diamond patterns, blending with black gives a bit of vintage taste.


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Chanel Classic Flap Bag

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First there is something about ‘Velvet’, it’s hot at Chanel. And I don’t even mean the prices; I am just referring to the design. Leather and Velvet has different appearance, even tough they’re both quilted, and they also feel different.
But here is the thing, let’s talk about the maintenance, a fear that we, bag lovers, have – does the material hold up. Here’s an advice from a SA: Chanel will likely not repair Velvet, because it’s not leather. And unlike leather, if you tear it apart, it’s hard to put it back together (or what I mean is, if its damaged, then it will not be only a few scratches). Therefore, our advice is not to use the Velvet as an everyday bag, the more often you use it, the quicker you sent it to the graveyard, especially if you are an innocent bag-abuser.
But then again, Velvet looks so fresh; the colors are beautiful and popping out. Very attractive.
Chanel has released the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag in Velvet in the last season.
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But for the girls, that are skipping a lunches to save money for the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, if you can’t keep up with the prices, then perhaps this is an opportunity to own a bag. It’s better to have an authentic Chanel bag then nothing right?
So what do you think?
Pay more for the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Leather or get the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Velvet because it’s cheaper.
Chanel Velvet Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10.2′ 2.8′ inches
Price: $3,700 USD or €2450 euro’s
 The pictures on Chanel website showed a full-size tote bag that’s crafted with elements from the Classic Flap Bag, like the interwoven chain links, the back pocket, the quilted patterns and so on. But who would ever thought (if you didn’t test it personally at the boutique) that you could fold it down and then change it into a shoulder bag. Amazing huh?
And now, please take a glance on the Mini Flap Bag in Packaging Tray. It has been approved by Chanel and made in 31 Rue Cambon, A 100% Chanel product. This bag is not available at your local supermarket, but you can drop by the Chanel boutique and take one home.
It’s a unique concept, a mix between casual and super chic. The Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag is locked inside the Tray and there are holes made for the interwoven chain links. You basically carry this bag with the tray, its not that they can be separated.

Bags in the eyes of a woman’s status may no longer just the necessities, and called it a work of art is not an exaggeration! Whether you are not holding the bag more to, or as long as a woman package shall traveled the world, we strongly recommend that you, in this life we must have the following 10 kinds of package models.
People should be nice to yourself, turn on your side of the package as a life style product, according to different occasions, put the package models with different characteristics. Of course, we are not advocating whom you want on a shopping spree, to care for a single packet purse while you travel the world, we say, are back from work to travel with a bag, though called practical, but with inappropriate but detrimental the value and uniqueness of the bag. The package does not hesitate to buy for, I’m afraid not hand the women, we have to remind you, I really do not need to always be chasing the popular quarter run, as long as the lock which 10 styles styles of the package, can handle variety of shapes.

If you took a few minutes to read our made-with-love Chanel Leather Guide (I assume you already have), then you will know that generally, handbags made from Velvet are the lowest priced. It’s an opportunity to catch a CC designer bag and lock it up in your wardrobe.
Chanel has released the Chanel Boy Quilted Velvet Flap Bag. Just for your information, the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag in leathers like calfskin is currently priced at $4,200 USD. While the Velvet version is retailing for $3,700 USD. It’s just slightly cheaper, I am not sure whether the extra 500 USD saving is worth it.
However, the design is entirely different and of course the feel. The Boy Quilted Flap Bag in Velvet feels much softer (not the lambskin soft of course) and the boy in calfskin feels much more durable. They say its not easy to clean ‘Velvet’, you can read more about this material at our Chanel Leather Guide.
Besides the material used, the look is exactly the same – you get the iconic Boy CC logo on the front, the big strong shoulder chain strap and its entirely quilted. I think the Velvet version is great to have, if you already own one in leather.
Chanel Medium Boy Velvet Flap Bag is measured 5.7’ x 10’ x 3.5’ inches.

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Nowadays, the fashion house went even further by introducing the new Hermes Maxibox Cabas Bag. Measuring 23 x 30 x 14 (L x H x D) cm, the bag is quite large, just like a large duffle bag.


Crafted from Evercolor calfskin, the reinforced stitched corners are made from Epsom calfskin. Refined with palladium-plated silver hardware, this bag can be carried by hand, on the elbow or jut shoulder carry. There are obvious more colors available, you need to check with the SA for more information.


When Hermes first launched the Maxibox Bag, we quickly thought of it as a great travel bag or a weekend bag because of the huge space that’s designed in the interior. To be honest, the bag looks smooth, lady-like and the stitched corners create a balanced appeal. It’s now also available a tote bag version.Without the distinctive corners, this bag would just be one of those designer tote bags.

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Louis Vuitton


Chanel Double Quilting Wallet
Style code: A82518
Size: 3.7′ x 7.3′ x 1.4′ inches

Chanel wallets just keep getting better and better and we don’t know how they do it but we’ll have to admit that we like the surprises that they’re giving. What can we say? Keep ‘em coming? Certainly! These Chanel Double Quilting Wallets just made us jump off our seat, literally. Take a look at it and you’ll know the obvious answer why.

With its dark vampy color in dark purple, this one screams attention. We are also taking our notes down on this one since it has a unique quilting effect. Made from patent calfskin, the left side is seen to be sporting the normal quilting while the right side on the other hand offers an intricate smaller quilting effect. The result? Pure genius at its best!

Available via Chanel boutique.



Chanel Double Quilting Zip Wallet
Style code: A82517
Size: 4.1′ x 7.7′ x 0.8′ inches



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LL Armcandy of the Week: Dior Runway bag

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Dior Runway bag (2)

Dior Runway bag (10)Dior Runway bag (7)

At their fall/winter 2016/17 Ready to Wear show, Dior introduced us to what promises to be the next “It” bag for autumn. Dior is calling their Runway bag “the ultimate expression of the electric attitude of the rebellious Parisian woman” and we’re inclined to agree, at least when it comes to the more dramatic finishes. The small rectangular bag is pretty stern looking with its sharp angles and straight lines, but once you see the embroidered and embellished versions of the handbag, it takes on a much more fun and playful quality.

You can chose from six different embellished versions, and other plain versions. We naturally fell in love with the fringed version with floral sequins (Dior website describes it as being “entirely embroidered with flowers made up of sequins and fringes”) thanks to its beautifully detailed exterior, but other embellished bags in the series definitely aren’t far behind. Beads, bows, fringe, embroidery and vivid colors give each bag a luxe avant garde feel.

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For the less experimental fashionistas, the lambskin versions are available with Dior’s signature “Cannage” stitching in black and red colors, the same quilted style you would see on the brand’s iconic Lady Dior bags. We also spotted a red ostrich version of the bag, which was particularly eye catching. The bag comes with structured top handles as well as a shoulder strap. Its small size makes it an inconvenient companion for shopping, but a great companion for nights out.

For now, there’s no word on the price, but they are already available for purchase at Dior boutiques.

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Furla Venus Satchel

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Furla Venus Satchel is a famous satchel from Furla handbag collection 2016. Furla Venus Satchel is made from full grain calf leather. We really like the quality of Furla leather which gives a smooth touch and great durability. It also has a shoulder drop style to give you more comfort when carrying it around.  This is a great satchel from Furla because the designer uses the combination of classic design and high quality material to make this satchel unique and prominent appearance. The satchel has enough space to carry your daily belongings like a cell phone, a small note book and some make-ups. Furla Venus Satchel is available in White color.

Furla Venus Satchel Furla Venus Satchel

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