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If you’re a fan of all things soft and fluffy, then you’ll absolutely adore this latest Chanel Super Soft Quilted Flap Bag. Unlike any other, this is the kind of sparkle that you’ll need to complete and finish off your look.

Made with a unique oversized diamond-quilting pattern, the Super Soft Quilted Flap Bag from Chanel will definitely change your bag game plan. Feminine, uber chic and snazzy, this is the kind you’ll be reaching for before heading out the door for your romantic evening Valentine date.

A cut above the rest, its oversized and thick quilting will remind you of Prada’s Bomber Bags. As you can see, the front flap has an asymmetrical effect and the CC logo/clasp is strategically placed in front. The golden hardware and the interwoven chain strap on the other hand perfectly complements its thick and almost pillow like design.

Its size is perfect for bringing your favorite essentials wherever you go. So now ladies, what do you think of this bag?

The retail price is around €3150 euro, we do not have the style code, size yet. We will keep you up-to-date once we have more information. In the meantime check with the SA for more details.

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Shopper: Risa
Store Location: Belgium
Price: $5200 USD, €4150 euro, £3890 GBP, S$6930 SGD

Details: The New Medium Boy Chanel Quilted Bag is a bit bigger than the original Medium Boy Chanel Quilted Bag, which is why it’s also called the ‘Medium Plus’ size. More over, this bag is considered a ‘Classic’ and sometimes not easy to find, the White Golden Chain is absolutely tdf. Congrats Risa with your new purchase!

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For the busy cosmopolitan woman who always has a tight-packed schedule, this Chanel Agenda is made especially for you. If you don’t have one, make sure to have this with you anywhere you go, as this beautiful Chanel organizer will definitely act as your saving grace!

An elegant organizer from Chanel that is both beautiful and practical, the Agenda is sporting a black & burgundy lambskin that is every bit of sophistication. Its thick diamond quilting is so lavish that you can run your fingers through it every time you need to check your calendar. The small CC logo on the bottom right is on the other hand the icing to this beautiful cake!

Make life easier and manage your daily affairs smoothly with this Chanel Agenda. Now for the details:

Chanel Small Classic Quilted Agenda
Style code: A40117
Size: 5.7′ x 3.7′ x 1′ inches
Price: $650 USD, €520 euro, £440 GBP, $830 SGD, $4400 HKD

Chanel Medium Classic Quilted Agenda
Style code: A40118
Size: 7.5′ x 3.9′ x 1′ inches
Price: $750 USD, €580 euro, £490 GBP, $930 SGD, $4900 HKD

Chanel Large Classic Quilted Agenda
Style code: A40119
Size: 8.9′ x 6.5′ x 1′ inches
Price: $1100 USD, €865 euro, £730 GBP, $1380 SGD, $7300 HKD



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Chanel Quilted Tablet Holders
Style code: A80838
Size: 7.7′ x 5.5′ x 0.6′ inches
Price: $925 USD, €850 euro

If you’re obsessed with Chanel, especially everything that’s quilted and embellished with the tiny CC logo, then perhaps its time to get yourself a Chanel Quilted Tablet Holder.

And especially if you already own the Chanel Quilted Phone Holder, the Classic Flap Bag and even the latest Quilted Flap Wallet…it’s time to complete the collection.

Obvious, the Tablet Holders are expensive but you have to keep in mind that they’re crafted from leathers like lambskin and refined with silver hardware and burgundy lining.

Chanel made two kinds of tablets – one with stand function and can be used in multiple ways. Another one that’s only a cover, but its really chic and gorgeous.

Despite of their stunning looks, these covers can also protect your tablet for scratches or small accidents. Cover you tablet with these beauties and slip them inside your handbag.



Chanel Quilted Tablet Holders
Style code: A80760
Size: 7.7′ x 5.5′ x 0.6′ inches
Price: $1275 USD, €1150 euro


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Hello, ladies! Today, we’ll let you in on another piece that’s sure to make your hearts race…literally. Here at BragMyBag, we’re swooning and super in-love with the Quilted Flap Bag with Oil Clasp, an exotic take on a classic design. Are you ready for this? Well, last week, we featured the ‘Boy’ version (which garnered a pretty overwhelming response from the community…we don’t blame you, though), and today, it’s the Flap we’re going to fawn over.

These quilted flap bags have a subtle metallic sheen on their quilted surface, which has a beautiful effect under the light. Its signature features are still intact, like the leather and chain strap, but notice the hardware on these pieces – it’s ‘oil-spill’ finished to perfection (including the bag’s signature ‘CC’ clasp). Something new for the loyal Chanel girls, and we know you’re going to love it!

This piece is a part of the Cruise 2016 collection, and is soon to be released. Stay tuned for more juicy deets about this piece (and other bags) very soon!



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You searched everywhere – Paris, New York, Japan and you can’t find it. Well, at the moments when you REALLY need a backpack, here’s a color you will absolutely adore.

You see, this backpack is from the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, at Chanel Official website, you will spot the colors ‘white’, ‘white and brown’ or ‘green’.

But you know, I am a clumsy girl, everything that needs high maintenance I will avoid. White backpack, especially in shearling white will eventually turn into brownish over time. But the soft pink color is just right.

More, this backpack is very unique, especially when you’re a Classic Flap Bag fan. You see, it’s partly inspired by the Classic Bag featuring the interwoven chain and the CC logo. You can carry with the short handles and sling it on every street.

The bag also comes with a front zip pocket and it’s adorned with charms like the CC charm. You will love this bag, it’s not too big and not too small, just right for the fashion obsessed girl. And it’s very chic and elegant, at the same time perfect for the casual outfits.

Chanel Pink Classic Mountain Quilted Backpack
Style code: A92976
Size: 9.1’ x 9.1’ x 4.7’ inches
Price: $3800 USD, €3200 euro, £2305 GBP, $5580 SGD

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